L2A2 suit sight illuminator

L2a2 suit sight illuminator L.E.D type.

The illuminator has full brightness control range from high to low.

Easy to replace button-type battery. CR-1025 ( 3v ) just remove two screws and re-fit.

Easy to reach On / off switch located on the side of the illuminator.

Make sure that your optics are clean before fitting the new illuminator.

To fit the new illuminator push down slowly and turn until the o-ring locates into place.

The  l2a2 suit sight illuminator is a non-serviceable part.

The unit is made up using 15 different parts which are then assembled together, liquid plastic weld is then injected into the inside centre of the unit which makes the item completely solid. This prevents any movement of internal parts during  rifle recoil.

The L.E.D illuminators are available in four different colours red, green, orange and white.

Along with the L1A1 SLR rifle the L2A2 suit sight has seen service in many of Britain’s past conflicts, Northern Ireland, The Falklands and throughout the cold war era.

From around 1954 onwards they have been inseparable and most of all they have both been very reliable.

They have both proven to be very popular with ex-servicemen over the years and decades.

They have seen service with all the commonwealth nations.

Suit Sight L.E.D Green

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