trilux suitsight eyecup

Trilux suitsight eyecup.

TheĀ  trilux suitsight eyecup is available in two different types. earlier version and later type version.

Flexible T.P.U. rubber suit sight eyepiece.

If you have a damaged, worn or missing suit sight rubber eyepiece this the the perfect replacement.

suit sight eye-cup newer version
Eyecup laterĀ  type

We also have a selection of trilux suit sight parts available on the website including tritium replacements and L.E.D illuminators.

L.E.D type illuminators are available in four different colours. Red, Green, White and Orange.

Tritium replacements have a green isotope inside that will glow for approximately 9 years. They are not visible during daylight and are permanently switched on.

Also available is a AN-PVS-1/2 battery adapter which operates using four type AA batteries. You may use standard type batteries or re-chargeable batteries.

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Showing all 2 results