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Starlight Scope AN-PVS-2 Battery

anpvs1 and 2 negative terminal -

Starlight scope AN-PVS-2 battery adapter for use with the AN-PVS-1 and 2 night vision scope.

The battery pack uses 4 x AA-size batteries. ( not included )

The adapter has a protective tight-fitting resin shroud around the batteries.

The shroud is marked with positive and negative terminals.

This adapter can also be used without the shroud if required.

Copper positive and negative contacts.

Typical output voltage with 4 new batteries approx 6.45 to 6.5 volts.

The price stated is for 1 x battery adapter.



anpvs1 and 2 negative terminal -


anpvs 1 and 2 battery adapter. -

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